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Glennwood Pool

We are a non-profit neighborhood owned pool that is managed by the Board of Directors and generous volunteers.  We are located in a quiet area in back of Glennwood Subdivision off of Belair Rd. 


We believe our pool is the best pool out of all the neighborhoods in Columbia County.  We have a junior size Olympic pool with a diving board.  We have grills to cook on and cabanas, umbrellas, and always plenty of seating.  We are never crowded and always have plenty of room while relaxing at Glennwood Pool.  

We offer membership to residents and non-residents of Glennwood subdivision.  We also offer birthday party packages to members and non-members.  We provide events through out the summer such as water aerobics and family movie night.  

Be sure ot subscribe to our site or visit our Facebook page for upcoming events.  We even offer a few events through the summer to non-members.  

Join our Facebook page and/or our events announcement letter even if you decide not to join the pool at this time.

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